About Me

Xochiquetzal Duti has worked and traveled in the realms of kink, sexual exploration, leather, magic, sexwork, and all the varying cross sections she could find or create for as long as she’s realized that there was a way to put these two things together.

Identified as a bio-female (in presentation only) genderqueer, gender pronouns tend to fit, no matter which ones are used.

Her journey in pagan studies started back almost 5 years ago at a womens’ leather conference where the result was deeply embarrassing but understandable.  Since then she’s studied and delved deeper into the way the body processes work to expand the mind and allow the possibility of manifesting a reality unseen.  She also does some sick and twisted things to challenge herself and her preconceived notions (most of which aren’t even fully formed thoughts) because she knows she can, and because she’s good at following orders.

She believes that each and every one of us deserves the life and reality we work towards and offers herself and her open thinking and presentation skills to enable others to catch glimpses of who they can become.

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