Sacred Profanity:  taboo.  That which is both sacred and profane.  Something so special, so important to set aside for some greater purpose that it is easier to consider it dirty and to want no part of it than to actually cherish or acknowledge its importance in our lives.

That’s me.  *grins*  In a way, that’s all of us.  That’s what I’m here to do.  As an Ordealist and Worker for Spirit I become that object.  I let myself be defiled in order to make it possible for you to become your greater Self.

Whether it’s through sexwork, Ordeal, ritual, or just in having a quick conversation with me, I’m here to help you foster and create the connection.  No more or less.

  1. This isn’t really much of a substantial comment so much of a random person on the internet just wanting to let you know that I’m reading your blog. You’re one of the handful of pagan/et cetera blogs I’ve got bookmarked. So… hello. Thank you for writing.

  2. I had read your article on PoC and marginalization, and from my perspective as a gay man who is not considered traditionally masculine by both straight AND gay men generally, I find you and I speak the same language and have very similar responces to the arguments geared towards justification by dominant groups. Thank you so much for posting something in such a clear and direct way that hits at the heart of what marginalized groups face, regardless of the specifics of their minority (or whole list of them in some cases). It was empowering to see that there are other people in the world who are voicing the same kinds of issues that I have been facing.

    • Thank you for reading and commenting.

      One of the things I struggled with as I wrote this was to try and make it clear that our intersections and talking about them isn’t supposed to suddenly make white people FEEL guilty, it’s just about bringing awareness, for them to look at areas in their life where they are skating by while some of us struggle, that was it. No special treatment, no exhorting to be recognized for special snowflake status, just acknowledgment that there are things I and others struggle with, in this community that can feel like a microcosm of the larger world we inhabit.

      When marginalized groups get together, I often watch them go to GREAT lengths to avoid playing a game of Oppression Olympics wherein we try to figure out, who’s got it worse. And I tried to avoid that by making this about one facet of my life without getting into the others and how that affects what I do and how I function in the greater scheme of things.

      I’m glad that you hear resonances, and that you can draw comfort from knowing that you’re not shouting into a vacuum. That actually gives me strength and hope as well.

  3. Wow… I didn’t think I’d find another shaman specializing in sexwork! (The explitive I blurted out was ironically fitting: “holy f*ck!” lol) Love the blog title & the concept… Well met!

  4. Just read your piece this morning in Lee Harrington’s ‘Spirit of Desire’.

    Your writing burned like a fire for me, and has left an indelible mark through the day. I felt drawn to explore and make contact. Not sure why I’m writing, but trusting the spirit that guides…

    With love and light


  5. I’ve been trying to find a way to contact you. I’m looking for people who train working with the Aztec Gods. I know I am called to be a Bruja and I figured that you would be a good source to ask.

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