Temple Priests and Hospitality Vikings : The Role of Hospitality and Sacred Space at Pantheacon

It is a joy as always to know that right down the hall is the Coru temple and hospitality suite.

As in other years I have been unable to make it down there but even just knowing that they are there, standing by their statement of inclusion and hospitality means that there is a balm on my heart because I know I am welcome and it is expressly stated.

My own thoughts on hospitality and the PoC Hospitality Suite/Room will be forthcoming. For now, these words will suffice.

Thank you, to the Coru and all who help your endeavor year after year!

Strixian Woods

This year was my fifth year attending Pantheacon, one of the largest Pagan gatherings in the world and one of the Coru’s most involved events of the year. Pantheacon is an overwhelming and powerful event. It’s a place to learn from brilliant minds and to attend rituals and ceremonies presented by an abundance of traditions and groups. It’s a gathering of tribes, covens, traditions, and families. It’s a bizarre concentration of potent and powerful people, spirits, and Gods set in a semi generic chain hotel in an corporate center next to a major airport. Pantheacon is overwhelming, an energetic minefield and a maelstrom of energy……and Pantheacon has a hygiene problem.

I don’t mean that Pantheacon is dirty, the hotel and the con staff do an extraordinary job of maintaining the event. The Doubletree is a decenthotel and the staff are excellent. The Pantheacon staff itself areabsolutely amazing as well and…

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