Appreciating Uncertainty

The call came in at 3 in the morning. I’d had a restless night (as I often do) and had only gone to bed about two hours and 20 minutes before the call.

In the time I was on the phone, my Beloved had purchased me a one-way ticket to SoCal. Familia finds the strangest ways to call a body back.

A fall. A head injury. Unconscious. That I’d be kept informed.

So, I flew. I flew into lands that raised me, released me, and re-embrace me easily. And in the rental, (pretty red car!) I flew. I crossed through the intricate veins of conveyance that keep the heartbeat of these counties down here going strong.

I flew. To family. To an unsure and uncharted future. Because, family encuentra la manera mas inexplicable para llamar al cuerpo que retorne.

I appreciate the uncertainty, even as I rail about it.

About xochiquetzalduti

Sexwork, Spiritwork, Ordeal. Whatever way you need me, I can help you fulfill your request. It may not be easy and we will both feel the challenge, but it's what I do.

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  1. *hugs* I hope everything goes okay.

    I would never begrudge tu familia, but your friend-family up here wants you back when the urgency has gone. 😉


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