I was born on 13 Xochiquetzal according to the Aztec calendar.  I did not learn this until much later in life.  There are other coincidences to my birth that will be clear if you tab on over to Odin’s tab.

My earliest memories of my blessed Dead were doing the altars for Dia de los Muertos and always being so interested in the top tier (where the dead actually receive their offerings, at least that’s the way it was in my house at the time).  I learned to have a love/fascination with all this and as I grew up started delving into the history of this day, before the Conquista.  I was a child of two parents who were strongly convinced that no American education system would ever tell the complete story and so we were made to go through the history and look at the differences in what was taught based on what side of the border you were at.  I learned that questioning the teachers (who probably were only barely told some of the backstory) wasn’t a good idea, but I did it anyway.

She was always there, She rode my tail at my Dedication to the coven I belong(ed) to and asked where the membership package was for the entire Precolumbian pantheon sets; The Aztec, Inca, and Maya.  The Morrighan made sure They received their information and thus these pantheons were brought to my working group.

She calls me by her name, something that I have trouble swallowing, still.  But I call her Mother, Mama, Querida Mujer, Estimada Portadora de los Queridos Muertos.  Matron.

She owns me, and I am indebted to Her for the ownership.  I wear the mark of the butterfly, in Her name and Honor.

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