About Me

Xochiquetzal Duti has worked and traveled in the realms of kink, sexual exploration, leather, magic, sexwork, and all the varying cross sections she could find or create for as long as she’s realized that there was a way to put these two things together.

Identified as a bio-female (in presentation only) genderqueer, gender pronouns tend to fit, no matter which ones are used.

Her journey in pagan studies started back almost 5 years ago at a womens’ leather conference where the result was deeply embarrassing but understandable.  Since then she’s studied and delved deeper into the way the body processes work to expand the mind and allow the possibility of manifesting a reality unseen.  She also does some sick and twisted things to challenge herself and her preconceived notions (most of which aren’t even fully formed thoughts) because she knows she can, and because she’s good at following orders.

She believes that each and every one of us deserves the life and reality we work towards and offers herself and her open thinking and presentation skills to enable others to catch glimpses of who they can become.

  1. Could I interview you for ACTION?

    I am editor of ACTION, the official newsletter and e-zine of Alternate Religions Educational Network, a Pagan and Heathen Religious rights organization. http://aren.org/

    May I interview you for ACTION? I am trying to provide a way for Pagan minorities to speak out. I am a gay male Wiccan myself. This way I, and my readers, might learn and become more aware.

    ACTION, besides covering religious rights issues in our various communities also covers Wiccan, Pagans, Heathens, Druids, and Polytheists that are taking action in their own lives, in their religious communities and in society at large. It is my hope that by covering both people well known, and in the background, that I might inspire an “Ah ha, I could do that” moment and encourage others to be more active. 

    Please feel free to check out our organization and our newsletter either on line or have a PDF attachment sent out for print out. In the [2011-on] ones you can read online of down load it from the computer. It is free and we have somewhere over three thousand readers both here in the states and in various parts of the world. My readers often suggest people in their communities that they think others would be interested in knowing about. 

    The interviews are done by e-mail, as my hearing is no longer very good and it allows you more time to think over your answers. As the article develops you will always have to right to make suggestions and changes, as I consider this to be a cooperative venture on both our parts and I want you to be comfortable with the finial interview. You will see the final corrected copy before I put it into my layout. I am working on my Beltane issue, May 1, 2015.
    Once the issue is ready to go online, I will send you a PDF attachment for print out, a plain text copy, and the URL for the online version. Once the interview goes online, you have to right to repost it anywhere that you like, and as often as you want.

    I would appreciate URLs to any back ground information you think would be helpful. I find that if I know more about what a person is passionate about, that I can then come up with questions that will allow you to talk about those subjects. That way the interview will be far more interesting to my readers and will give them a real idea of what you are all about.

    Please let me know if you would be interested so I can begin my background research and get some questions to you. Then feel free to take several days, a week or so, as needed, to answer in the way you think best. I am open to any questions that you may have.

    Christopher Blackwell
    Editor of ACTION

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