Monthly Archives: December 2011

As the New Year starts to ring in. . .

I’m left looking at the year I’ve had.

A move to the northern part of my state.

A move, shift, change in the state of my mind, my heart, my wyrd.

The strength to get all this accomplished.  To face the crippling doubts that kept me up at night.  The uncertainty when jobs weren’t coming through.  To deal with the mire of the one that did, and to find the fortitude to stick the one that I’ve been in and will be in for much of the next year.

The willingness to converse with Deity to put up this project/shrine/thing that’s still becoming, the work that I am doing to Become.

I ring in the new year, and do it in cognizance of how I evolve, how the sacredness I try to bring forth is centered and stems from the profanity I willingly put myself into, sometimes with trepidation and fear, sometimes with gusto.  In either case, I am pushed, cajoled, taunted, and embraced, praised, titillated, and yes, loved.

This is my life, may more of THIS be my 2012.

What are you looking forward to in the New Year?  Where do you want your intentions to take you?  What are your plans to expand your horizons?

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