Happy Summer Solstice, of a sort.

Yes, happy Summer Solstice or Litha to those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.

I, who am clearly not designed to work well in daylight, spent most of the day in dark dress, avoiding activity, drinking tea and then finally forcing myself into suitable outside clothes for the running of the errands BEFORE entering my hibernation phase.

Come Samhain, I will be up and running and full of energy.  For now, please bear *hee* as I am feeling like a low-watt bulb in a much too high watt light socket.  I’m just not up to the task, apparently.

But I will do my best to be here for those that need me.  Caffeine is a friend, not a crutch in this time of year.

About xochiquetzalduti

Sexwork, Spiritwork, Ordeal. Whatever way you need me, I can help you fulfill your request. It may not be easy and we will both feel the challenge, but it's what I do.

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